An In-depth Kangaroo Shoes Review

Jumping stilts are devices with so many benefits. For instance, they can be used for both entertainment and keeping fit. When you go out there to get your stilts, remember that Kangaroo Stilts are the best in the market. In this Kangaroo Stilts review, we will discuss this product and give you more information about it.

Let’s begin this review by discussing the types of Kangaroo Stilts.

Three Different Stilt Sizes

1. Adult Kangaroo Stilts

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The Adult Kangaroo Jumping Stilts are designed for adults to be used for fitness exercise. These stilts feature:

  • A load range of 90 to 110kg or 200 to 242lbs
  • Capable of running to speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour
  • Weigh 26.5 pounds

These Adult Kangaroo Stilts hold the heaviest weight range. With a weight range of up to 242lbs or 110kg, you can use these stilts for exercise and to achieve your fitness goals. If you are a dare devil and have been dreaming of running to crazy speeds, these stilts will help you achieve this. With these stilts, you can run as speeds of up to 15 Km per hour. Just remember to observe safety first. Wear a helmet and make sure the straps hook to the metal tightly. These stilts are also made of high-quality materials, so rest assured that they will not break or fail when being used.

2. Child Youth Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

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These stilts are designed for children aged between 9 and 14 years and weighing between 30 and 50kg or 66 and 110lbs. Therefore, if you have a child within that age and weight range, this is the best ‘toy’ you can get him or her. These stilts are beneficial to your child because they will help him or her spend less time watching TV and playing video games, and spend more time exercising and socializing with other kids outside.

No need to worry about the safety of these stilts as there assembly is dependable and everything holds together perfectly. The units are also certified as safe by CE and SGS, which means that they are safe for your children.

3. Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

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These stilts are perfect for children and youth. Some of the units’ features are:

  • A weight range of 40 to 60kg or 88 to 132lbs
  • Shoes platform measures 23.5cm of length
  • SGS and CE certification
  • Safe to play with
  • Comes with wrist and knee pads
  • Foot platform is 12″ high from the ground

These stilts are designed for older kids. They are perfect for kids who have out grown the children version of Kangaroo Jumping Stilts. There is no much difference between this version of stilts and those designed for children as their certification and functionality are pretty much the same.

Buying these stilts for your kid will open up a world of new possibilities for him or her. He or she will be able to do higher bounces, faster runs, flips, and 360s.

With these stilts, you can help your kid keep fit and grow up into a healthy person. These jumping stilts help to reduce cholesterol and fatty acids, which we all know have devastating effects to our health and well-being.

Benefits of Using Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

Where natural human abilities end, is where jumping stilts start. These devices are not only designed for fun and entertainment, but also for enhancing the health of the user. By simply walking, running, or performing a feat, you will have engaged your whole body in a workout without even knowing it. Below are some of the health benefits of using Kangaroo Jumping Stilts:

Improves cardiovascular and respiratory system

Working out is known to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. When using the jumping stilts, your heart will beat faster, therefore, improving the circulation of blood in the whole body.
The heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle in the body, it needs to be worked out to stay in good shape and increase the circulation of blood throughout the body. Apart from that, exercising your heart also increases your metabolism rate, which impacts positively on your weight.

Burns calories and fatty deposits

Obesity is a problem that plagues millions of people in America and all over the globe. Eating junky food and other unhealthy practices lead to an increase in the levels of cholesterol in the body that puts lives in danger. Exercising regularly and avoiding junk food can help you avoid this problem. Using stilts to walk, run, jump, or perform stunts helps your body burn calories and fats.

Relieving stress and depression

Being stressed impacts your whole body. Using stilts can help you relieve stress. This is because activities done using stilts are aerobic physical activities that result in the production of a hormone called endorphin. This hormone is responsible for sleep and also relieving pain. When this hormone is triggered, you will enjoy enough sleep, therefore, your stress levels will be significantly reduced.
Engaging in physical exercises helps reduce the levels of tension and stabilize your mood. Therefore, you need to get a pair of stilts.

Builds stronger abdominal muscles

Exercises such as jumping, walking, and balancing while using stilts involve the whole body. Such exercises are perfect for building your core body strength and help your leg, pelvis, back, and abdominal muscles become stronger.

Enhances balance and agility

Be sure to improve your stamina and speed when using Kangaroo Jumping Stilts. You will be able to run at speeds of up to 15km/hr and jump high into the air. To jump high with the stilts, you will also have to learn how to land safely on the ground or else you will injure yourself. This means that you have to master a great degree of coordination and balance. These will help improve your balance and agility.

The only way to ensure that you improve the quality of your life and live healthy is to engage in routine exercise. Jumping stilts will help you do so through activities such as walking, running, and performing stunts. Therefore, be sure to get a pair today, for general bodily wellness. We hope that this Kangaroo Stilts review has been of help to you.

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