Best Jumping Stilts Reviews For 2018 (Pogo For Kids & Adults!)

One super fun new way of getting outside and being active is jumping.  Want to get as high as possible?  Take a look at our choices for the best jumping stilts!

We took a look at three of the top jumping stilt brands and made a short review and buyers guide on each below.

Note – Adults that are looking to purchase, make sure to check the weight categories for each model.  The adult sizes usually come in a couple different models depending on your weight range.

Our Best Jump Stilt Recommendations

Kangaroo Shoes / STILTS

Models Available:

Are you looking for the best jumping stilts for your child or adults like yourself and not sure which brand is the best? If so, then you are on the right track. Kangaroo Shoes offers models sized for children and another model that is adult sized. Definitely makes this a great bonding experience with your son or daughter!

The kids model of jumping stilts are designed for children between the age of 9 and 14 years. Experts in the industry recommend that this is the best jumping stilt for the children within that age. These stilts have a solid construction, therefore, making them the best for your kid.

The adult model Kangaroo stilts it built to fit most adults but it is important to choose the adult model that corresponds with your weight.

With any of the models available, its assembly is dependable because all its parts hold together perfectly. On top of that, these stilts have SGS and CE certification, which means that they have been designed to uphold your safety.

The best thing about getting these stilts for your kids is that they will nurture an adventurous spirit in them by pulling them away from watching TV and playing video games all day. On top of that, it will encourage your child to socialize more as many of his or her age mates will want to play with him or her and the gadget.  And, like I mentioned before, it is a fun thing to do with your kids!


  • SGS and CE certified
  • Can jump 6 feet (2 meters) high in the air and run up to 9 feet (3 meters) per step


  • These stilts are SGS and CE certified meaning that they are safe for your child.


There is always the risk of injury when your child falls while using the stilts in a jump or running.  But, this is true for any jumping stilts!

Want more info?  Take a look at our indepth review of Kangaroo Shoes.

Air Trekkers Jumping Stilts

Models Available:

When it comes to the best jumping stilts, Air- Trekkers are among the best on the market today. This Air-Trekkers Jump Stilts review will shed more light into these gadgets helping you understand why they are so much revered.

For those who are not familiar with this them, Air Trekkers are a pair of jumping stilts that when you wear they allow you to jump higher at heights of up to 3-5 meters and run faster at speeds of 20 mph and above. This company is among the dozens on the planet manufacturing high-quality jumping stilts designed for toning, muscle gain, high-flying stunts, weight-loss, fitness, and fun.

To use these gadgets, all you have to do is strap a large metal, rollerblade style stilt to your foot. Wearing these stilts does not require any special shoes. All it takes is standing in the platform built into your stilts, strap the harnesses securely around your shins, and you are good to go.

The stilts have springs which are spring loaded similar to those found on pogo sticks that will allow you to stand taller, jump higher, and run faster than it is naturally possible for a normal human being.


  • Fiberglass leaf springs made of carbon fiber and light weight aluminum frame for high-performance.
  • Has Velcro binding straps for added safety.
  • SGS and CE certified.


  • SGS and CE certified meaning that they are safe to use.
  • Designed to help you run faster and jump higher, which means they can help you try acrobatic flips and tricks, parkour, and free running.
  • They can also be used for core body strength building, cardio, and other types of exercise and fitness.
  • Arouses athletic skills ideal for balance, coordination, explosive force, and agility.


The only con of this gadget is that it can cause serious injury incase you trip and fall when running at high speeds.



You’ve probably watched dozens of videos of people running around, leaping in the air and doing incredible stunts like back flips and somersaults, well they were able to do all that with the help of the Poweriser advanced. This Poweriser Jump Stilts review will tell you all you need to know about this device.

The Poweriser, which can be defined to those who have not seen it as pogo sticks that are supersized that enable you to perform these movie set like super crazy stunts by enhancing your natural muscle strength, therefore, making it possible for you to jump as high as 6 feet if you are brave enough to do so.

To use them, you first need to strap on the device’s strong plastic buckle straps over your shoes and around shins for safety. Afterwards, you need to wear a helmet and knee pads that come included in the box.


  • Have detachable knee cuffs that are comfortable and that form when worn to the individual user’s knees.
  • Knee cap holders are made of aluminum
  • Sliding bearings
  • Self-locking nuts
  • Strengthened foot-mounting
  • Strengthened assembly of rubber buffers
  • Knee-mounting plate system that can stretch


You can take them for a spin and be sure of running at speeds of up to 20 miles an hour with strides of up to 9 feet wide.

No need to lie about this, but we were not brave enough to try and reach that speed and make those long strides ourselves. But the truth of the matter is there are those who have done it.


The tricky part about using the Poweriser is getting the hang of it. If you have not broken your neck within 10 minutes, we are sure you will master it.


The Poweriser Jumping Stilts are not for the faint-hearted. But if you have the guts and can quickly master how to safely use them, then they are the stilts for you. With all its useful features, we highly recommend you buy it.

How To Choose A Great Pair Of Jump Stilts

Ready to run and jump?  When looking for information on how to choose the right pair of jump stilts, you should take a number of factors into account. This is because you need stilts that will give you both comfort and great performance. You also need jump stilts that are just right for your body weight. Below are some factors to consider before you choose jump stilts.

Spring Type

Jump stilts can be made from carbon fiber or fiberglass. Now, fiberglass is strong but carbon fiber is noted for longevity and robustness. If you are a beginner, you can go for fiberglass springs. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you should opt for carbon fiber springs because they are resilient and will give you better performance.


Your main objective is to benefits from the exercise and enjoy the thrills that come with this extreme sport. For this reason, you should buy stilts that have padding to protect your feet so that you do not get blisters. If you are looking for additional comfort, you can tie a towel around the stilts. This is a cheap but effective way to enhance comfort.

Body Weight

You should choose stilts that can support your body weight without sacrificing quality. Usually, the manufacturer recommends a weight range for you. However, it makes sense to use your initiative here. Add 10 kg to the range recommended by the manufacturer and you will get excellent results.  Great for all around body health.  A daily jumping exercise is a great way to get and stay fit.

Bounce Type

Your options here are the soft, hard and self-adjusting bounce. Each one has advantages and peculiarities so you can choose the one that meets your needs and allow you to jump as you please. Fast speeds and higher heights work perfectly with harder bounces. If your aim is to hop onto higher objects at relatively low speeds, the soft bounce is the way to go.


Do not be tempted to sacrifice effectiveness for style. You need sturdy frames that will support your weight so you should consider this when you go shopping for jump stilts.

Price and Budget

The simple rule here is to be smart and spend wisely. Do not go for the most expensive stilts you can find because you may not get value for money. On the other hand, you should avoid buying very cheap products. Buy quality stilts that are durable and safe for you. This is how to choose the right pair of jump stilts.

Learning How To Use Jump Stilts

Have you ever seen anyone in jump stilts? It’s a hilarious sight, especially when you see someone jumping around in stilts, which is even funnier to see yet amazing at the same time. It’s no longer an impossible or completely odd endeavor, that is, to acquire a set of jump stilts and learning how to use jump stilts.

Stilts have come a long way since the old days of holding onto poles and watching someone meander their way around a room or circus. Now, you can purchase your own set of jump stilts online and go about learning how to use jump stilts on your own, or with the booklet provided, and you don’t even need to join the circus!

It’s not impossible to learn how to use jump stilts, it just takes patience and ideally the help from a friend. All you need to do is first unpack the jump stilts and lay them out on the floor. Then, look for a raised platform, like a stair or a table, and slip your shoes and legs into the jumping stilts and firmly secure yourself in with the Velcro straps. It’s good to have a friend nearby to help you stand up. You’ll also want to have a wall handy to use for holding yourself up and making your way across the floor at first. Make sure you’re doing this on a flat, firm surface, like a floor or concrete.

Once you’re up, use the wall or your friend’s shoulder to help you stay up until you get your balance. Try taking small steps at first, paying attention to where you’re putting the bottom of the stilts. Be sure to keep your legs apart so you don’t cross over and fall down. Once you’re stable, try jumping up just a little bit, to get the feel of it. Keep holding onto your friend and then walk and try to jump. Then, let go of the wall and try to walk and jump without holding on. Once you can do this without the help of a friend or wall, take bigger jumps. Soon you’ll be moving around with big jumps, and the next thing from there is trying to run, but learn how to walk fast before you run!

Basic Jumping Stilts Safety Tips

Jumping stilts can be a great recreation, but they can lead to some serious mishaps especially for those just getting used to them. While most of the accidents involves sprains and the occasional broken bone, there is the possibility of something even more serious. With a few basic jumping stilts safety tips it is possible to avoid most of the mishaps, and live a long, accident-free life. It is just a matter of following a few basic tips.

The most obvious is to have proper equipment. With jumping stilts that equipment is a helmet and pads, just like for a skateboarder. Falls are the bane of the stilt walker and doubly so when those stilts are made for jumping; the majority of fall damage can be prevented by making sure that the limbs are appropriately padded with knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards and that the head is properly protected with a good helmet. Of course, some decent shoes are in order as well so as to ensure a proper grip on the stilts and ensure that you do not fall.

Training should also be part of the regimen. The basic skills are easy enough to master, and you should be walking well enough within a half hour or so. Expect to have a a number of falls, so learning to fall should be part of the training as well. Also, learn the skills somewhere soft, such as a lawn or on a mat; the first few falls are the hardest but once you get the knack for it it makes life that much easier. Remember to avoid running before you learn how to brake properly and you should do okay.

The most obvious and yet ignored jumping stilts safety tip is to make sure that your equipment is in working order. You should check the stilts out every so often and make sure that not only the springs are in working order but that the pads are not frayed and still work. Keep in mind that this includes you; make sure that you do some stretching before mounting your stilts. By making you have the proper equipment and training and that everything is maintained properly, you should be able to enjoy the best jumping stilts for a long, long time.

Pick Your Jump Stilts – Conclusion

Now that you are fully educated on buying the best jumping stilts, we hope that you get involved and have a lot of fun!  Don’t waste any time in getting started!